I'm Heather, 

Empowerment Coach for women who are ready to upgrade their health and happiness, and live out their true potential in this lifetime.

My Story

 I believe that we are all here for a reason, 
and that if you are going through a midlife "crisis", or feeling the call for something greater and more meaningful in your life, you are actually being called to awaken to the truth of who you are and what it is you came here to do for real.
There is an inner voice within you, always there guiding you to pursue the true path of your soul. The only thing left to do is learn how to really listen...
Ever since I left my first corporate job in public relations in pursuit of true career happiness, I have been obsessed with vocation and learning what actually makes people happy and fulfilled in their lives. That first job seemed like a dream come true - something I had worked up to all through college. Landing a job in a well-known boutique PR firm in New York City sounded fabulous - until I got in there and realized it was all wrong in so many ways. It only took about eight months before I quit on the spot and with only a dream (and my best friend), moved to Los Angeles to earn my Master's Degree in Career Counseling.
Since 2003 I've worked as a Career Counselor and Coach at three different universities, a city government agency, a non-profit, and in corporate America. I've coached people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them understand how to listen with confidence to their intuition and voice the truth of what lies within.  I became obsessed with helping  people find their truth and their "passion" and turn it into their career.  "Do what you love" became my mantra. 
Through all these years I have come to understand one thing clearly - the sooner you align with your TRUTH, the easier and happier your life will be.
I aligned with my own deeper truth in 2009 when after healing myself from major hormonal imbalances, I felt called to pursue a certification in health and wellness and enrolled in what was to become a life-changing program through the National Institute of Whole Health. In 2012 I officially became certified as a Whole Health Educator and Coach™*, and began my Whole Health Coaching™* practice working with women who wanted to become mothers. I helped many women cleanse and heal their minds, bodies and spirits in preparation for pregnancy.  I realized that toxins in mind, body and spirit are what keep us from pursuing and manifesting our greatest potential. 
In 2016, at the beginning of my own midlife "crisis", I again felt the call to go deeper, and I took a year-long sabbatical to pursue my deeper spiritual calling and the REAL reason I am here on this planet. That year was intense and I emerged with great guidance and a firm commitment to my calling - which is to help women awaken to the truth of who they are and what it is they came here to do.
I know that when women begin to listen to the little voice calling from within and take steps necessary to ignite their true inner potential, this world will experience beautiful transformation and healing.
I know that WE are the ones we have been waiting for. 
*Whole Health Educator and Whole Health Coach are trademarks of the National Institute of Whole Health.