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Client Love

Geri E., -  Long Island, NY

"Heather has been a God send. Since meeting her I have changed my focus more on love and forgiveness. Something I struggled with for most of my life. I have experienced tremendous loss, abuse, shame and pain and have dwelled in this place and projected this on to others.


The paradigm shift that has taken place almost feels like a miracle. My focus is on love, life, forgiveness and God. Heather helped move me to a loving forgiving, mindful place and the effects continue to change the life of myself and my family."

Jennifer S.,  - Westchester, NY

"Heather has listened to my concerns, validated my feelings and managed to gently hold me accountable through it all. She has a special gift. I have tremendous respect for Heather’s support and her truth. When you work with Heather, you will benefit from all of the intense inner-work that she has done herself. You will immediately feel the authenticity in her work because she has tended to her own mind, body, emotions and spirit in the big picture of her life and in the day-to-day minutia. I am inspired by both her daily practices and by her grand gestures which demonstrate her dedication to helping women find their own way to divine love and wisdom. Her passion for this stuff is contagious!"

"I first came to Heather looking for some help in managing food, lifestyle and female health - our sessions have developed into so much more. Heather has helped me find the tools to work through my thoughts and emotions as I grow into my true self. Heather is deeply connected to the "big ideas" that I also resonate with, and has helped me to see possibility in even the most intense moments. I couldn't be more grateful for Heather's guidance and support."

Christina E. - Hoboken, NJ

"I do wholeheartedly believe that through this program I ignited my true potential. I feel that throughout the months of the IYTP series I have been able, with Heather's support, to dig deep and heal. I am transforming my thoughts and writing a new story for my life! I would absolutely recommend the Ignite Your True Potential program to any one of my friends."

Pam Z. - Cortlandt Manor, NY
Rosanna C. - Pleasantville, NY

Heather was put in my life for a reason and if there’s anything that I can say to anyone it’s that if you have ever felt, for any reason, fear or lack of resourcefulness, and sometimes you just need that someone to pull you back up and say “you know what – you can do this! You can become whole again!” If you recognize this need in yourself you definitely need to get in touch with Heather and help yourself through her guidance. She will help you get back to a place that you didn’t think you could ever get back to again. You don’t have to be a perfect little diamond, you can still have those rough edges, but through Heather’s help your life is going to shine anyway. It’s going to be a happy place again!                            

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Questions? Connect with me at: Support@HeatherMarieNovak.com

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