Kali Takes ME

January 20, 2017

On Election Day I walked into the booth and was on the fence, wanting so badly to go with the more conscious choice (Jill Stein) but also to be a part of the movement to elect the first women President of the United States of America.  So, with my five year old son with me, I looked into his eyes and together, we choose Hilary. I was proud of our decision.


Late that night, when it was clear that she had lost, shock and sadness entered in. The next day I cried, hard. I "ugly" cried, as some would call it (though I find release to be beautiful). I cried like this for hours, and actually became concerned about my inability to stop.


I told my husband, who only partially understood my intense grief, that I felt I was tapping into the collective sadness of the feminine. The one that has been repressed, abused, used, manipulated, and heart broken - taken down in every way possible since the beginning of time. It was Eve who ate the apple, after all.....


Then, I read this article: Kali Takes America and another possibility for my intense grief revealed itself. When tapping into the new perspective I realized that not only was I grieving in the heart break of the feminine, but I was equally grieving for the nice, pretty walls that I have constructed around my life; The ways and means of going on that this turn of events was now shattering - like the false house of cards that they actually were. The ideas I have in myself about myself, about making a living, about raising a family with morals and ethics, about society and being a citizen of the United States, about the "other" and what that means in relationship to me. I was grieving for the existence I thought was reality - but in truth was empty - disconnected to my ultimate truth and the truth that God needs me to step into. And here it was - my great awakening. My false light can shine no more.


Kali, the Dark Mother, has shown up and revealed my truth to me - the TRUTH of the darkness that is emerging. Kali is here and she is fierce. She is calling for us all to be shattered into transformation. It is said that God gets our attention by any means possible - and so it is, in the form of a New Order President, who is very simply bringing our attention to the things that deeply need our attention. Now it is up to us - the transmutation of the Dark Mother will be beautiful - but only if we heed her call. 


Like Kali "we must rise as protectors, else perish as fools." ~ Vera de Chalambert 


Will you join me?





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