REFLECTIONS & AWAKENINGS - My Experience at Sister Giant

February 10, 2017


This past weekend I was in Washington, DC for Sister Giant, a conference put on by Maryanne Williamson (one of my hero's), and Derrick Harkins, Senior Vice-President at Union Theological Seminary in NYC. The conference was focused on "the intersection of spirituality and politics" and featured some of the most prominent speakers from across religious and progressive movements - all unified in ONE voice speaking of the deep need for LOVE and JUSTICE to take the lead now.


Maryanne started off with a story about how when she was growing up, when her or one of her siblings would do something they weren't supposed to be doing, her mother would look at them sternly and with her finger pointed say, "Oh, no! Not in my house!" Well this is where we are now, sisters and brothers, the great Mother (Kali) is rising in women everywhere - and we MUST stand together to say "OH, NO! NOT in my house!" NOT ANY LONGER can this madness go on.


For the last 30 years or so - we have been asleep at the wheel - have separated our lives from politics, have separated God and the teachings of the great spiritual teachers (Jesus, Dr. King, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, etc.) from politics, have let the convictions of others quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, take over our government in ways that seem unfathomable to any awake, spiritually progressive or religious person. I learned of things this weekend that are truly dangerous to our country, to our democracy, to our safety, to beings all over the world, to our planet - but most upsetting - to our children's future. And all the world's children are our children now. 


The diseases of fear and revenge and hatred and inequality and racism and sexism and homophobia and on and on - have created a mad rush (mad as in LOST YOUR MIND CRAZY) of greed, violence, terror, opportunism, war, environmental destruction, and suffering on every single level. From many angles, it's looking pretty bleak in this dark moment, or "tomb" time as some have called it. But as we know - it is always darkest before the dawn. It is now up to us awakened souls to turn this "tomb" time into a "womb" time and birth something beautiful. As Maryanne reminds us, we cannot deny the crucifixion, yet acknowledge the resurrection. We must go into the darkness in order to create the miracle of the light.


Maryanne also reminds us that the Course in Miracles (ACIM) teaches that there is only one cause of disease - and that is the separation from God.  All the issues we see in our world are indeed a separation from God, a separation from the teachings of the great Spiritual prophets who have in many ways taught us the "golden rule" - DO ONTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO ONTO YOU.  Seems to me we have forgotten the core fundamentals of our teachings, of our purpose on this Earth, and certainly of God's will. #WWJD?


Here's some good news: ACIM also teaches us that God has already a solution to every single problem we see, that the instant an error in judgment is made - the solution has also been created. Now, my sisters and brothers, it is up to US to listen to the solution - to understand and feel it deeply, and with conviction in our hearts to organize not only a resistance to that which opposes God's will - but a full-on uprising promoting the solutions instead. It is up to US to LISTEN to the mind of God - to recognize the EGO's tendencies which shut God (LOVE) out and for us to say "NO MORE"! Now is the time to stand up in the face of fear and suffering, and with the wrath of Kali TAKE IT OUT. But most importantly - with the love and peace and TRUTH of God, GET TO WORK on what is RIGHT. Get to work on the miracle.  


"We must identify the problem, but identify WITH the problem solvers." Maryanne Williamson


Let each of us truly BE THE CHANGE.


Each week I will be writing about one of the incredible speakers I witnessed speaking their truth at Sister Giant - showing the light and the way for us all. I am embarrassed to say that until now I have completely misunderstood my role and responsibility as an adult citizen of the great United States of America. I have been coasting in a bubble of privilege and selfishness, I have felt "sorry" for others when I see suffering, and horrified when I see injustice. And I have done NOTHING to change it. NOT ANY LONGER. Now I bow in great honor and gratitude of the MANY revolutionaries who came before me - giving me the privilege of this American life. Now I stand with them and JOIN them in the fight of our lives - the fight for LOVE and LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL. I hope you will read my blogs and join me, where you feel called, in creating a new future for us all.





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