Bernie Sanders Headlines at Sister Giant + A call to all Trump voters #FEELTHEBERN

February 16, 2017

"For your lives and the lives of future generations, I say this - despair is not an option!" Senator Bernie Sanders


There was a standing ovation for the Senator, who was a great draw for many people in the room. He did not disappoint. Senator Sanders reminded us that no matter how dark this time may seem - now is NOT the time for despair. 


"Now is not the time for despair, now is the time to be smart, now is most importantly the time to bring the American people together around compassion, around love and progressive politics, and to take on the hatred and bigotry which we see in the White House today."


Bernie praised the young generation for being the generation of optimism and inclusion. He planted the first seed in me that has now grown into a full bloom of glaring responsibility for the situation we are in - the gross political failure of the Democratic party. 


Bernie confirmed, after speaking with people from all over this country - that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is not racist, sexist, homophobe, etc. No, not at all - he insisted that instead, they are hard working Americans who need answers to some really tough questions in their lives.


How does it happen that I am working full time for $9.00, can't put food on the table or afford childcare or healthcare - and no one gives a damn?


How is it that I have a college degree but am swimming in debt with no direction or prospect of a job that will provide enough income to climb out of it?


How is it that the crooks on Wall Street destroyed the economy and way too many lives of hard working Americans without a single person getting in trouble, yet kids smoking marijuana get put in jail for years?


How is it that I used to have a good paying job in a vibrant city I could afford to live in, and now the buildings have all been abandoned and homelessness and drugs are all I see?


How is it that corporate elites and billionaires came to run the elections and the lobbyists run the government, and I feel powerless?


How is it that my children have a lower life expectancy then I do in the greatest country on Earth?


These, my friends, are questions of people in this country who are hurting. Some of these are my questions, too.


Many Trump voters, Bernie says, are people who have looked to the Democratic party - which once was the party of the working people. They looked and they looked and they looked, and they found nothing - so they turned to Donald Trump out of desperation, who represented another way. 


I understand this reasoning - and I now must make a call to all Trump voters. If you are fed up with the "system" - if you are seeking answers to the injustices and pain in your life - then look to others no longer.  I am calling on YOU to make YOUR voice heard (just as I am doing now!) - to stand up for yourself and your quality of life in this free nation. Let the corporate elite run your life no more! 


Now, instead of looking TO the Democratic party - TAKE IT OVER!!!! JOIN the Justice Democrats (more on this AMAZING group in the post on The Young Turks).  Let us RISE together - supporting each other with love and compassion and assistance wherever possible. I will be standing right along side of you, and I hope you'll be there for me, too. And, as you've seen in marches and meetings all over this land in the last few weeks - so many of us are now awake and ready to help. 


"In every great moment in American history - the way that change came about was from the bottom on up, never from the top on down." Bernie Sanders


Senator Sanders agreed with Maryanne that these issues are more then political - they are Spiritual, they are psychological, and we have to deal with the issues in a holistic way.


We have got to create a Democratic party that stands with working people and the poor - not with Wall Street and the wealthy. Will you join us?


Please check out the Justice Democrats and fight for what is ethical - for what truly will make America great again. 


Thank you, Senator Bernie Sanders, for representing the hope of our future.





















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