The Advancement of Spiritual Principles as seen through the History of the USA.

February 17, 2017


"The founding of this country was not just an advancement of the political history of this world, but an advancement of the Spiritual principles of the world." ~Maryanne Williamson


The founding of this nation in and of itself was a miracle of enlightenment.


From the very beginning we had the most enlightened principles as the BASIC FOUNDATIONAL STRUCTURE of our society:


The idea that we are ALL created equal by God and therefore are equal before the law;

The idea that it would not matter who your parents were or if they had money - that each child could have the same opportunities to rise to their greatest potential; 

That there would be religious freedom for all; 

That it would not matter what your education or background was - that YOU WOULD HAVE THE CHANCE TO SELF ACTUALIZE - to work hard, spread your wings, and to become who you are capable of being - who GOD gives you the power to become - WHICH IS INFINITE.


"That is a Spiritual principle to which it is absolutely reasonable that we PLEDGE OUR LIVES." ~Maryanne Williamson




HOWEVER - while we recognize the pure genius of our founding Father's, we also must recognize their deep hypocrisy as slave owners, and the irony of the genocide of Native American's on which this country was built.


We have ALWAYS had this polarity in our country - it is part of our DNA. Yet, there have been many who have given their lives to FIX IT.


So many "average American's" who stood up in the face of fear, and with the understanding of how dangerous it might be for their lives, DID THE RIGHT THING to bend the "arc of the moral universe" towards justice. 


Let us now understand that while we can identify the hypocrisy and horrors of our past, we must also identify WITH those who have worked to FIX THEM!


All the great justice movements in the United States have emerged from the Spiritual conviction that our founding documents were written out of. They were led by people with a Spiritual conviction that powered them to do their greatest work in healing that which was not right in eyes of God. These were average people who BELIEVED in something so fiercely that they dedicated their lives to it. You see, when we are moved by our convictions, fear no longer gets in our way, when we no longer let FEAR stop us - we have God on our side, and that is when ANYTHING IS TRULY POSSIBLE.


The Quakers were not only "anti-slavery," they were Abolitionists! Their ways were studies by Gandhi, who went on to lead the non-violent movement in India - which Dr. Martin Luther King went to India to study and brought back to inform his position in the Civl Rights movement in America. (I love this story)


Each of these movements have been based on a BELIEF - a universal Spiritual theme that there is an internal Light that lives within EACH OF US - every man, women and child. And that Spiritual theme informs the fundamental principle of equality before God, created equally by God (and therefore treated equally before the law). It gives us the right to become all that we are meant to become - to live into our highest potential, if we so choose.


This is not just a political principle - it is a Spiritual principle. It says that each of us is indeed equal and equal power has been given to us by God.


Now let's take a look at our own lives and ask ourselves this: How have I been using the immense power that God has given to me? How have I honored the great privilege given to me through the constitution to live up to my highest potential? What convictions (Spiritual or otherwise) have I pledged my life to?


Imagine if we all took advantage of our God-given rights and power and worked hard to spread our wings in order to fix the problems in our neighborhoods, country, and planet Earth. Imagine if we all tapped into the fundamental Spiritual principles written in our constitution, and in many of the Holy books, of equality in the eyes of God - and helped others to see their own worth, find their own gifts, and live a life that allows each and every one of us to become all that we are capable of being. THAT is the world I wish to see. Helping others rise to reach their own God-given potential truly is my conviction.


Your potential IS the great strength of America.








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