One year ago today....On Commitment

April 1, 2017

I nursed my babies for a long time, and I'm proud of that (14 months with the first and 27 months with the second)! Though looking back now, it seems crazy what I put myself through...Toward the end of nursing I would pump in my office at work for 45 minutes three times a day and barely get an ounce. I had mastitis a total of eight times (and never took antibiotics). Once, while all by myself attending a workshop at Kirpalu, I felt the twinge of mastitis coming on again and franticly got into the shower to try and avoid it by expressing milk until I fainted! Thank God it was only for a second and I was able to get myself out of there okay. Later that afternoon I ingested way too many drops of pure oregano oil to kill off any infection that might also be coming on, and ended up seriously burning the inside of my mouth (those Young Living Oils are no joke!). But really – what a mess.


I also missed out on some pretty awesome things. I missed my best friend’s bachelorette party in Miami; I said no to an amazing opportunity to join a mastermind group of other women-on-a-mission because the end event was a retreat on a far away tropical island that would have meant leaving my baby without my milk for too long; I missed holiday parties with family and summer weekends at my grandparents lake house because although I was physically there, I was actually in the back room nursing the entire time (being mostly a combination of modest and frantic).


Many moms would have made different decisions than I did, and I completely respect that – but I was committed, and I mean FULLY committed. It was if the world was going to end if I didn’t exclusively nurse my baby, and I was determined to make it happen NO MATTER WHAT.


Which is why, after I stopped nursing and went through that first summer sans a mini human consuming all of my calories, I looked at myself in the bathing suit that only last summer I filled out pretty nicely (nursing gives lots of benefits, one specifically to us small breasted women!) and found myself horrified by the change my body had gone through in only a few months. Where were my boobs? And when did this bulge of a stomach appear? Oh JEEZ! It was if the fullness of my breasts just shifted down about 12 inches and got cozy, leaving me flat as an old tire and fat around the waist. Which of course is the perfect summer body of confidence. Right….I covered myself by every means possible.


So, I write this today in celebration of one year ago today – the day I made another big commitment, the commitment to get my body back. Now, although my boobs didn’t grow (still waiting for the magic pill on that one) I have worked out - on average - SIX DAYS A WEEK since April 1st of last year, and I feel AMAZING.


Working out has given me incredible energy, to the point that I wake up early to go do it – and I can feel my body actually craving the workout as I get out of bed.  Energy is a funny thing – the more you create, the more you have – and that energy now stays with me all throughout the day. Some days I work out for 45 minutes, and some days I work out for 5, but almost every day I do something to make my self stronger and more confident in my body. Each week I have seen myself grow stronger, slimmer, more energetic, and happier about the way I look as I keep making and reaching new fitness goals. Now, while I don’t yet feel 100% there (wherever there is for me), I am actually looking forward to getting into a bathing suit and comparing how I feel this summer to the sluggish, overweight and embarrassed way I felt last summer. I’ve lost 15 pounds and toned up everywhere - what an incredible feeling! But just like nursing, it took a serious commitment – a full-out determination to making this change for myself.


No matter what it is we are committed to in life, it is imperative that we play all-out.

If you are not fully committing yourself to your goals – you end up with a bunch of loose ends, half-assed tries, and mediocre results. Fully committing to your goals is not easy – and sometimes it means missing out on your best friends rooftop pool party in Miami, or waking up at 5:15 every day to get in your workout. But, if you keep at it long enough, the results will be worth it, and if you keep at it longer then that – your results will be beyond your wildest dreams!


Everyone starts – we all have New Year’s resolutions and diets and the gym we “try” to get to, but not everyone STAYS THE COURSE. Consistency wins every time. Remember, it took me an entire YEAR to get to the point I am today – a year of working hard at my goal almost EVERY FREAKING DAY. I made it into a daily habit, I understand the importance of making my rituals part of my routine so that they actually GET DONE. I am now making serious commitments in a couple of other areas in my life and cannot wait what the next year will bring. But for today – I celebrate! I am so freaking proud of myself and I feel great.


So, what is it that you are committed to? What is your thing that needs to happen NO MATTER WHAT? What does commitment to your goals look like to you?  If you haven't given this much thought, I invite you to do that now.


What do you wish to see transformed in your body, relationships, career, Spiritual practice, finances, or happiness? And WHY?  The WHY factor is the most important of them all - you must have the WHY before committing, and remind yourself of it every single day. Your "Why" is the only thing that will keep you moving through the hard parts and out  to the other side - success.


Perhaps you have thought about your goals, and even tried to reach some of them but did not set the dial to “slow and steady” in order to win your race, and then you experienced burn out and needed to rest (or quit), essentially giving up on your dreams. I have experienced this many times in my life, too. It wasn't until I recognized the power of my WHY and of making the daily commitment to getting there - no matter what - that I understood how true transformation occurs.


If you have a goal, something you are committed to, and are wondering how to really and truly make it a reality, please share in the comments below or email me directly. I would love to hear from you and see how I can support you in making your dreams come true. I KNOW with all of my heart that you can create ANYTHING that you commit yourself to, and I want you to feel as amazing as I do one year from today.


All my love,


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