The Mid-Life Crisis (Calling)

April 30, 2017


If you listen closely you can hear it, that little voice inside of you, asking you to go deeper, to step up (or down), to try something new, fix something broken, to start, to end, to really go for it. That voice that tells you to leap, even though you have no net in sight.


If you sit with it long enough you can feel it, the tug on your heart, the potential for a better way, the exhilaration of living in your purest truth, the idea so outrageous, yet so powerful that you dream of uplifting others to come along with you, to help you start a revolution, a transformation, a deep dive into an unknown, yet very familiar truth. 


Some moments this voice comes on strong, it takes over your entire being and you just KNOW that you must........ And other times this voice makes you feel absolutely freaking crazy just for having these thoughts/feelings in the first place. What is going on?


What is this feeling you are experiencing? How come yesterday everything seemed just fine and now all of a sudden nothing seems fine at all? Why do you find yourself dreaming of crazy scenarios like leaving your marriage, changing your career, or moving to South Africa? Who are you to do these things? Who are you to take care of YOU and leave other's "behind"? What will it mean for your life if you really do listen to that voice deep inside, if you truly step into this crazy calling, and change?


What you experiencing, sister, is a deep, Spiritual longing from within to go exploring - into the depths of your own greatest truth - your life's greatest potential. This is the first inkling of what your life can really be made of - of how to really live your best life possible and make a mark for the world to behold.


This is the start of your final calling - the truth of why you are here on this planet, the opportunity to grow your legacy, to make your mark, to do what it is you came here to do - for real.


Here's what happens: At around the late 30's (37-42 for most) a shift begins to occur in a woman's life. At this point she has done a lot with herself - learned many skills, has a career, or a family, or maybe both. She is in the middle of her life and things are going okay, then one day she wakes up and looks around and it's as if everything is different. She is no longer fulfilled in the same way by the life she has built, there is a feeling that stirs inside of her that something is just not right, that there has got to be more to life than this.


This, is the mid-life crisis.


For most of us approaching our 40's and beyond, this time can be scary, and liberating. The voice within can sound crazy, and the dreams of what is actually possible can feel exhilarating. It can cause upheavals in lives, if we are bold enough, it can cause settlement in our souls, if we are to truly follow it.


No matter how crazy this voice may sound to you - it is for you alone to decide what you will do with it - it is your calling. The opportunity to see what your life will truly be made of.


Will you listen? Will you, one day years from now, on your death bed look back at your life and say "I WENT FOR IT!" and not regret missing out on the very best of what your life has to offer? Or will you feel the pain of knowing you never truly lived your life to the fullest possible outplay of it?


As Jim Rohn says "we all will suffer one of two pains, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret." Making your dreams come true takes discipline, a plan of ACTION that will lead you toward the most exciting and powerful outplay of your life's purpose. The beginning stages of this is what you are feeling in the mid-life crises. It is the realization that there is something greater possible for you, that indeed you just might be able to be that bold. And I want you to know that no matter what stage or age of life you are in - it is never too late to start living into your truth.


An old Chinese proverb goes like this:

"When is the best time to plant a tree?

40 years ago!

When is the second best time?

Right now.


What can you do today to just even entertain the crisis calling from within? What is one bold action you can take TODAY? Perhaps you can go to the library and take a book out on the subject, sign yourself up for that weekend workshop at Kirpalu, contact someone in that career field and invite them to lunch. Maybe it's simply going to purchase yourself a beautiful new journal and making a commitment to writing in it every day as you gain clarity about that this little voice inside is actually saying to you.


What ever it is, I want you to know that I believe in you, and that I want nothing more then your greatest potential to come out and shine for the world to see. This mid-life crises is truly the start of something incredible. Will you listen?












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The Mid-Life Crisis (Calling)

April 30, 2017

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