Universal Force - We're in it!

August 7, 2017


Sisters, can you feel it? There is profound universal energy coming in and making itself available to us! The shifts in universal bodies (i.e. The lunar eclipse that happened today (!), the upcoming powerful Mercury retrograde that begins August 12 and the solar eclipse on August 21) are all part of some serious universal force asking us to open up, reflect, and release that which no longer fits. 


This is no small matter, sisters! I know we've all heard before to "let go" of that which no longer serves us, but this is for-real universal force coming to the rescue, here to wipe the slate clean and help you prepare for the future of your highest potential yet, the divine potential! I'm talking about the REAL reason you came to the planet in the first place. 


This incoming force is here to flush out anything toxic that has thus far prevented us from receiving the truth, guidance, and divine support that is ALWAYS available to us. It's here to cleanse us out! To allow us to be born again into the serious truth of our deepest desires, our souls desire.


But, we must want it, and we must go inside to seek it out and ask for it to work its miracles in our lives. This is not a time to be passive, but it is a time to be open and reflective, to receive and then abide by the guidance you are given. We must go deep, give it up to God, and then move forward with the knowing and deep understanding that there IS a true pathway meant for you – and that you have ALL of creation behind you – routing for you – showing up by your side to lead you there.


So, I implore you – show up! Show up for your life and your souls true calling. GO DEEP over these next few weeks, meditate daily, journal, pray, and be open to the signs you are shown. And listen! Especially to the deep, deep knowings that are in your heart about what your life is truly capable of.


LET GO of the old stories, the old patterns of behavior, release them from your frame of reference, and begin anew.


Treat your body well! Nourish your mind with positive influences and mantras of what it is you can become.


Have confidence that if you show up and do the work, the universe will show you the way.


If you are AT ALL hearing the call of something greater for your life, this, my friends, is the time to embrace it. 


With so much love,


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