Align with The Power of Your Feminine Cycle

December 7, 2017

Women these days have been taught to “shut off” our connection with our feminine core, which is the root of our power. Today we experience a pervasive prescribing of birth control pills to control our cycles (or even to reduce them in number); we see commercials showing women popping in a tampon and then continuing to go about life as if they didn’t have their period at all; we are taught to believe that PMS is actually a “normal” part of getting our period, or that menopause means years of hormonal torture.


These often-subtle messages that a woman’s creative cycle is more of an annoyance, an inconvenience, or a painful part of womanhood, have been adopted by most. They are incorrect and they are dangerous.


This deep disconnection to our cycles, and the power within, is a main source of the imbalances we experience in the world - and a main source of the disconnection we have with our own internal guidance system. Our bodies contain wisdom, way beyond what we can even comprehend!


My deepest wish is that all women reconnect with this wisdom, that we learn how to embrace it and listen to it as deeply as possible!


Connecting with the energy and power of your feminine cycle can help you make huge strides in the pursuit of your deepest truth and help you ignite your greatest potential.


Our menstrual cycle is the source of our deepest power, the power of Creation!


Whether creating a baby, a project, a new relationship, a new job, a new start in life, or anything at all that you feel called to create, knowing the flow of your cycle and being at one with its energy can actually help you create miracles.


Tapping Into The Power of Your Cycle

Each week of your feminine cycle contains a unique energy, depending on what is going on within your endocrine system at that particular phase.


Your endocrine system is ruled by a few different factors, some of which you have control over (such as your food choices, quality of sleep and reaction to stress) and others which you do not (such as the weather and moon phases).


Each week of your sacred cycle can be likened to a season – Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.


Menstruation = Winter (Release, Rest, Renew)

Pre-ovulation = Spring (New Growth, Strengthen, Commitment)

Ovulation = Summer (Energy, Focus, Create)

Post-ovulation = Fall (Review, Let Go, Transform)

Menopause = Cycle Ending, New Beginnings (Change Over, Freedom, Legacy)


By tapping into the unique energy of each “season” you will find yourself in greater balance and acceptance of the ebbs and flows of life. You will be able to harness the correct energy for the “season” you are in, nourishing yourself at the root level and taking full advantage of your inner strength to fuel your life.


You will be able to shed what you no longer need in order to build what you want with full vitality and ease.


As a woman, your deepest power and the secret to your highest potential lie in the energy of your feminine flow. 



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