If I stay where I am, I'll be okay...

December 31, 2017


I met a co-worker’s friend at the office Christmas party recently who was telling me she was reaching retirement age, but couldn’t retire yet because she needed the money. She was entertaining the idea of a leaving her job (of over 20 years with the same company) and “finding” what she really wanted to do instead.

She said she wanted to find out what she was “really supposed to be when she grew up.”


But she had a problem – she didn’t know what it was she really wanted to do!

“If I stay where I am, I’ll be okay” she added. And of course, I nodded, knowing she would be okay. Just fine, indeed.

As a Career Coach of over 15 years I felt her pain. I understood the boredom she described staying with the same company for all those years, and the comfort of it, too. Like an old reliable friend, her job had provided a steady income and a place for her to spend her days for over 20 years.

But was she happy?

“Sure”, she said “….and I just got a promotion!” But still, there was something inside of her asking the question “what is it that I REALLY want to be when I grow up?”

We both knew she would be “okay” if she stayed at her current job. Her bills would be paid and she would be comfortable. But at this stage of her life, something inside of her was still looking – and now out loud wondering to a perfect stranger at a random holiday office party “what else is possible for my life?”

I’ve heard this same story a hundred times. People of all ages wondering what they should be when they “grow up”. Staying in “comfortable-enough” jobs because change was just too…….risky. And scary. And what if it didn’t work out, anyway?

Every single one of us has a REASON to stay comfortable.

But what if……

What if on the other side of comfortable was exhilarating?

What if on the other side of fear, you found courage?

What if the REAL risk was NOT LIVING the life you were MEANT to live?

“Not living life while we have it is far worse than dying”

                                                                                         – Bill, Dying Man’s Daily Journal Blog

What if you actually found freedom, flow, love, excitement, happiness and strength on the other side of comfort?

What if you WENT FOR IT (your DREAM, sister)?

Would you fail? Maybe. But failure is there to help us grow.

Would you succeed? Maybe. And what if you did?

What would THAT feel like? What would THAT look like in your life? What would it mean for you, your family, your finances, your HAPPINESS?

It’s your life, sister. Like my new friend – you get to decide. Either way, you’ll be “okay”. But is that all you want out of this one crazy life you get to live?

Do you want to be “okay”, or do you want to be “epic”?

Live the story you want to tell.

With so much love and support, 

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